The New Generation

Noah Granigan wins the Lauwe Kermis bicycle race in Belgium

August 15th, 2013 – A day to remember

Why is this date so important? Because it was the day US Juniors won 3 races in Belgium (with only 5 races available). I would say a better than 50% batting average against the Belgians on their home turf is something to be excited about. Even more impressive is that these wins were brought about by three different programs, all with the same aim, improve and develop young talent.

Three Americans Win Kermis races in Belgium
August 15th saw three wins by Americans

Diego Biantena, racing with the US National Team, took the top honors in Sint- Lambrechts Herk against a race of  37 riders. Noah Williams, racing with the Slipstream-Craddock Team, bested over 52 riders in Overmere. Noah’s already signed for a Belgian team for 2014 (along with ChainStay alum Jonah Tannos) and is going to be based in Belgium next year. Lastly we come to our own development program with Vertex Cycling which saw Noah Granigan win in Lauwe against 64 riders.

Noah Granigan wins the Lauwe Kermis bicycle race in Belgium
Noah Granigan wins in Lauwe

There is a new generation of riders and we are seeing the fruits of their hard work today. Even more impressive is the fact that it is no longer just the US National Team helping to foster riders, but several different programs (and I’m proud to include ours that list). What we are seeing is the ability for Americans not to just survive in Europe, but hold their own and win. And it’s not coming from just one superstar rider, but several amazingly talented riders.

It wasn’t just the three guys who did well, there were several other Americans placed high up in each race. Within our own program it’s just no Noah leading the way, but a whole host of young talent learning to improve. Each rider steadily increasing their skills, talent and knowledge towards their own personal betterment. It’s watching these successes that keeps me wanting to build up our development programs, improve our house, work toward creating a bigger, better and fully encompassing development program and infrastructure.

If today’s success has in any way inspired you I urge you to act. If you are a young rider, looking to become a professional cyclist, know that what happened today was the result of hard work. If your professional cyclist aspirations are no longer your main focus I urge you to find a way to help build on this momentum we are seeing in the sport. Volunteer with a Youth or Junior Team, donate some old gear to a kid in need, help sponsor a deserving youth to some and race in Europe; just do what you can and watch the sport flourish.

I don’t know what the future holds for American cycling, but I am sure interested to find out!

-Gregg Germer, Co-Owner, The ChainStay-