Below is a guide to navigate the race listing webpage of the Wieler Bond Vlaanderen. You will also find the race listing webpage for the WBV (Wieler Bond Vlaanderen) below our guide.


First you need to select the start date and end date you would like to search using the “Periode Van” and “Periode tot” tabs.Racing Guide to Belgian Kermis Races - Dates
Then you can further narrow down which province you would like to search. I usually just use the “Alle Provencies” so I can see where there are races and judge which will be good races to do.
After that you select the racing category you want to do in Belgium. I have made a listing of all the racing categories in Belgium for you to reference if you are unsure. I usually leave it to “Alle Categorieen” for short searches but narrow it down for long searches.
Once you do this, press “printversie” to see which races there are.
From there you can tick the check box of the races you like and want information for. Then you press “Mijn Kalender” at the bottom to give you a printout listing of all the races (very helpful for race planning).

Below is a description of what each part of the race listing means:

  • Duur/afstand: (the length of the race and the number of laps and their distance)
  • Voorinschrijving: (where to call if you would like to pre-register, not needed unless a closed crit)
  • Inschrijving: (the address of the registration for the race)
  • Kleedkamers: (the address for the changing rooms of the race)
  • Briefing: (if a team race, where the briefing is held, not something you need to worry about)
  • Individuele prijzen: (the amount of individual prizes on hand and how deep they pay)
  • Bijkomende individuele prijzen: (other individual prizes)
  • Clubprijzen: (the amount of the club prize)
  • Bijkomende klassementen: (other classifications that pay)
  • Extra info:
  • Fotofinish/Camera: (the side your number goes on, but I would just check at the race start)
  • Telefoonnr. organisator: (if you need to contact the race organizer, call this number, not really needed