About The ChainStay

The ChainStay is located in Oudenaarde, Belgium; situated in the heart of the Flemish Ardennes. Our 7 bedroom development house is specifically designed to accommodate cyclists and include all the amenities of home.

We have a secure bike storage area, a large fully equipped kitchen with two ovens, two stovetops, three fridges, two freezers, and a dishwasher. There is a large living room with digital cable TV that includes a DVR (great for recording bike races when you are out racing) and many English speaking programs and channels. Every bedroom is heated (which is not always the case in Belgium) and well furnished. Our large backyard has a large patio and a dedicated bike washing area. We also have two washing machines and dryer.

We also have instant-gas heating for our water, so you won’t run out of hot water after that long cold and wet ride. We also have wire-less internet at the highest speed available to a residential home.

Also included in the cost of your stay is the use of our large 9-person van with room for 12 bikes on the roof rack. This eliminates the stress of having to ride to races and finding storage for your bags once there, and eliminates the limitation of racing only within riding distance.

Our price is inclusive and covers the cost of electricity, water, internet, gas, heating, garbage collections and some incidentals like toilet paper and dish soap. This gives you a better ability to plan your costs and limits your expenses to essentially food and your share of the gas to use the van.

Our goal is to make your stay in Belgium as comfortable as possible. So many times the biggest issues riders run into isn’t the racing, but the problems of being in a foreign country.