Project Meatsuit – Week 2 and 3

Oscar Feiere riding over the Taaienberg in the E3 Harlebeke in Belgium

So here it is, the late update on Project Meatsuit.

As I discussed last week one of the things I’m working against is dealing with running my business and finding that balance between work and “workout”. It has not been an easy thing to get used to after a long life as a full-time bike racer, but it has been especially hard this past week. See, this time for me (and Holly) it is major crunch time in the lead of to the Spring Classics. We are in full on prep of those last minute updates to the house, sorting out details for our day trip options for Paris-Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders and getting things ready for our guests. {So much so that this post didn’t even make it out till after the Tour of Flanders}

Another major set-back in my weeks training plans was a call from a buddy, Jeff Lockwood, who was looking for some help with a bit of a crazy trip he and some friends were doing. They were doing (have done now) 5 monuments of the Spring Classics in 7 days. So i ended up doing the driving for the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix days of their trip. I also got the chance to get some video experience during my driving and got to shoot some amazing cycling footage and play with some new video equipment. It was a good learning experience and some fun times with old and now new friends. Good fun, but bad for the Meatsuit.

Another day that put in a bit of a block to the plans was the proximity of E3 to The ChainStay in Oudenaarde. It’s one of those things about this time of year, it’s crazy busy with races and you can have a litteral field day with following the races. I wanted to get some good photos that day, but also wanted to get in some riding in the great weather we have been having here in Belgium lately. So I made a plan inspired by current guest, Jered Gruber, to follow the race by bike. I had an ambitious plan to see the race in about 7 different places, but it ended up being only 5.

Oscar Feiere riding over the Taaienberg in the E3 Harlebeke in Belgium
Just one of the many great photos I was able to snap at E3 Harlebeke

Not a bad count for the day, but it was better than trying it by car. The bike races over here in Belgium have been getting CRAZY lately and trying to follow a race by car is getting harder and harder. For me, the easiest way to follow these days (especially with some fitness) is by bike. Best of all, you can get yourself one crazy hard workout, especially if you get caught up and have to chase like crazy to catch the race!

So, it’s back to the prep, planning and craziness that is the Spring Classics. I’ll be back with more on Project Meatsuit after Paris-Roubaix as we will try to blog throughout the races and adventures of the Holy Week of Races that is the Spring Classics.

Till next time, Gregg