Fall 2015 Update

The ChainStay makes the Top 5 Coolest Bike Hotels list from Bicycling.com

We have been a bit quiet on our website these past months. It’s not that we haven’t had anything to post, just been quite busy with running things and well, life. A very busy summer saw Gregg lead the Rockform Junior Devo Team as Director Sportif at the Sint Martinusprijs Kontich stage race.

Sint Martinusprijs Kontich with the Rockform Devo Team 2015

July and August was filled with a very full house of Vertex Cycling Youth and Junior riders. Our youth riders lead the way with 4 wins from 3 different riders! And our Juniors didn’t disappoint with great rides and everyone coming away with solid results and some new knowledge about bike racing

Junior Development Camp in Belgium Meigem Kermis 2015 Mark

Junior Development Camp in Belgium Meigem Kermis 2015 Start of the Race

Other cool news was that our cycling house was named to the “5 Coolest Bike Hotels” list! You can read about them here:


The ChainStay makes the Top 5 Coolest Bike Hotels list from Bicycling.com


It was awesome to be named to such a list!

November will also see The ChainStay host the winners of the Twenty20-Specialized Belgian Raffel. The ChainStay is doing the hosting of the winners of the grand prize for the Koppenberg weekend. The winner was Frank Fruend who then donated his trip to a woman racer to go and experience racing Koppenberg who might not be given the opportunity. The lucky lady is Britlee Bowman of the Richard Sachs team who we will be more than happy to host for the weekend and look forward to supporting at the Koppenberg cross. We might just have to rethink our ‘evening beer tasting’ that we had planned for the winners.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 3.06.37 PM

It’s going to be a busy winter for us at The ChainStay with no less than 4 full season cross racers staying here from mid-November onwards! We are also going to try an get ourselves into a posting rhythm with some very interesting stuff coming to the internet very soon. We can’t say what just yet, but we hope to make it a more regular thing.