Our Newest Addition

Are you…
A) Crazy about ‘cross?
B) Looking to try ‘cross racing in the motherland of Belgium?
C) Intimidated by the thought of planning your first ‘cross trip to Belgium?

Then you’re in luck, as we’ve just added our newest section Cyclocross in Belgium to our Belgium Racing Guide.
The guide helps explain racing categories from the young racers to Masters racers, where to find a list of races available to your category, what to expect from the typical Flemish “field race”, weather, parking and registration, support options, what equipment you must have, what equipment you’re better off leaving at home, and a few other tidbits of ‘cross related content.
For more general information on racing, training, and living in Belgium you can check out the rest of the Belgium Racing Guide too!

Have any ‘cross questions that we hadn’t touched on yet? Please give us a shout or leave a comment on this post, as we’re looking to keep expanding the guide to answer as many cyclocross related questions as possible!