January at the ChainStay

Though Christmas is right around the corner we’ve already got January on our minds. How come?
Well it’s only 12 days away, and 20 days until most National CX Championships.

After that we’ve got TWO World Cup races; Lievin France on January 15th, and Hoogerheide Netherlands on January 22nd, with Kasteelcross in Zonnebeke Belgium on the 21st. Then it’s time for the main event of the World Cyclocross Championships on one of our most favourite courses in Koksijde Belgium on January 29th! Who’s excited? We definitely are!
The other cool thing is that there are still 7 elite level ‘cross races in our neck of the woods through the month of February. So although this upcoming jam packed week is a huge highlight on the cross calender, there is still plenty more action to get in on.

Really what we’re trying to say is that here at The ChainStay we have a bit of space available during this time, and we’re letting you know now so that you don’t miss out on all the excitement. Cause really where else in the world are you going to find more cross racing at this time of year?…. simple answer nowhere.
So if you are on a quest to gain some late season UCI points or try to learn from the best, you better get on over here!

World Cups are a little out of your depth? You can still gain a lot of late season knowledge from some of the smaller B level ‘cross races here in Belgium, so you can come on stronger next season. Plus you’re always welcome to tag along to some of the bigger races as a spectator!
Not a racer you say? Fans and recreational riders are always welcome to come hang out at The ChainStay too. We love getting to meet all sorts of people, racing license not required!

More info just contact us.
Hope to see you in January!