2021 Belgian Registration Rules Update

I hope everyone is having a safe 2021.

This is just a quick update for the new rules regarding registration for Belgian amateur races in 2021. The rules have changed and as of May 18th all races from then to the end of the road calendar year (October 31st) will have priority to Belgian riders first. Foreign riders are able to register for races from 3 days before the races, but what that means in practical terms is almost every races will be full to non-Belgium license holders.

The one exception to this rule will be for Women’s races in Belgium should not hit the field limits. Last year in 2020 we didn’t hit the field limit in those races and the risk isn’t so high to hit them again in 2021. But for Junior Men and Elite without contract racers, those are all filling up well past their field limits at the moment.

Above is the “Startrecht” or starting rules as of the 18th of May, I’ll try to check and update this post if things change, but I don’t foresee things going backwards in opening up races this summer as demand from Belgians to race is much higher than the availability of races.

The registration limits does not affect professional racers, so as of this post pro-kermis races are still happening and should be an option to those on UCI registered teams. The registration process isn’t clear at this moment, but it should be sorted soon enough.