New Belgian Cross Rules 2015

This is just a quick announcement for the 2014/15 cross schedule in Belgium.

As of this season they are now requiring all participants of National level A races and UCI races to pre-register on the Belgian Federation (or the site of the promotor) for the races. This affects all riders who do not have a start contract for a race. You can register here:

more information (available in French and Dutch) is available here:

Be aware this affects not just elite riders, but women, juniors and youth racers as well.

***We should also mention that for all A-level cross races, Belgium restricts all men and women ranked in the top 50 of the UCI rankings from racing these races, unless you are Belgian. While this rule doesn’t affect most of our readers, we thought it would be prudent to remind people of the rule in case they ever happen to find themselves in that situation.