Can the US compete in CX internationally?

An interesting bit of conversation came up on Facebook from Greg Keller (Mud & Cowbells) about the state of US cyclocross competitiveness on an international scale. Notice: this will be a rant. OK, super proud of all our US athletes competing in Hoogerheide today. This said, as a team (yes we have some great exceptions […]

Team Tactics in Cyclocross

One of the interesting aspects of cyclocross is that despite the fact that people are often riding for teams, team tactics (for the most part) don’t factor into races. But just every so often, they come into play. There was a bit of drama this past Kerstperiod in Belgium in Bredene. Generally speaking, Versluys Cross […]

Koppenberg – A Mountain of Bananas

This past weekend we had the pleasure of hosting Brittlee Bowman of the Richard Sachs Cycling Team. Brittlee was given the opportunity to come over and race the Koppenberg Cyclocross for free through the generosity of one of the winners of the Twenty20 Belgian Raffle. Originally we were set to host the winners of the […]